Frequently Asked Questions

Have a basic question for O2 Pulmonary & Sleep Group about conditions, symptoms or treatments? Take a look through some of our most commonly asked questions:

Q: Are sleep studies covered by my insurance?


Q: How long do overnight sleep test take?


Q: How do I sleep with a CPAP mask on my face?

A: Sleeping with a CPAP mask can be difficult the first few nights, once you get used to the feel and airflow of the mask sleeping should become more comfortable.

Q: What does a Pulmonary Function Test consist of?

A: A Pulmonary Function Test is a series of test performed by a doctor to measure the effectiveness of your lungs. The test can be used to diagnose a range pulmonary conditions and typically take about 90 minutes to complete.

Q: What insurance does O2 Pulmonary & Sleep Group accept?

A: O2 Pulmonary & Sleep Group currently accepts to following insurance plans.