Waking Up During Sleep

Why Do I Wake Up Every Night?

There has been speculation throughout history by many cultures as to why some people wake up at night at the same time for no apparent reason. Research may have uncovered a few culprits.

Adrenal Glands as a Culprit

Adrenal glands can really impact your sleep cycle. Adrenal glands secrete the stress hormone known as cortisol which can be a lifesaver in a dangerous situation, but many Americans find their cortisol levels to be too high throughout the day. The stress of our strained schedules, overworked bodies, and financial struggles could keep our cortisol levels running into the night when we should be sleeping.

Sleep Apnea as a Culprit

Sleep apnea or severe snoring is a reason to be woken up at night. If you suspect trouble breathing at night, it is best to seek treatment and lifestyle changes.

The Bathroom as a Culprit

Frequent urination at night is not normal. In fact, it usually signals there is something that needs attention from a doctor.

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