Snoring Solutions You Can Try at Home

snoring solutionsThere are many snoring solutions you can try at home to see if they eliminate this very serious problem. Not only can it cause issues in relationships, it can also lead to potentially severe – even fatal – health complications. Check with your doctor first to make sure you do not have a major health issue. If not, then try some of these remedies.

Natural Snoring Solutions

One thing to try first will be to change your normal sleep position. Granted, this could be difficult if you are used to sleeping a certain way, but of all the natural snoring solutions, this tends to be one of the most effective. If you lie on your back, for example, that can lead to a vibrating sound that will keep your spouse or significant other awake. Try using a body pillow to sleep on your side. If you find that you keep moving to your normal position, tape a couple of tennis balls to your back to keep that from happening.

Another remedy that could help solve your problem is to lose weight. Obese people tend to have excess weight around the neck, which can squeeze the throat and make them more likely to snore. Keeping your nasal passages open at night could help as well, since blockages tend to exacerbate snoring. Take a hot shower before you go to bed or use nasal strips.

Staying hydrated also helps lower the chances of snoring. If you are dehydrated, the secretions in your soft palate and nose can thicken and cause an issue.

Contact Us About Snoring Solutions

If none of these snoring solutions help, then you will need to consider getting medical help for your condition. The experts with O2 Pulmonary & Sleep Group have a great deal of experience successfully treating this problem. Contact us online or call 214-865-7788 to schedule an appointment.