Reasons You Might Not Sleep Well

Absence of sleep causes more than making you drowsy. Chronic restlessness has been connected to an assortment of medical issues, including weight gain, hypertension, coronary illness, diabetes, and depression. If you are experiencing a lack of sleep, our team can help. Below are some reasons you might not be getting enough.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can block oxygen from reaching your lungs (and subsequently the rest of your body) while you sleep. Typically, snoring is a symptom. But a more reliable indicator is if you notice that you’re especially drowsy during the day.
Solution: See one of our specialists. There are many options for treating sleep apnea today.

Restless leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a condition that causes a creepy, crawly feeling and uncontrollable movements in the legs at night. RLS isn’t just feeling uncomfortable—researchers at Harvard have linked this condition to an increased risk for heart disease and depression in women.

Solution: Try simple interventions at first such as exercise, warm baths or leg massages. If these simple measures don’t help alleviate the discomfort, then we recommend a consultation with one of our doctors.


It’s impossible to get any shut eye when the weight of the day is pressing on you. Finding a sense of calm before bed isn’t easy—especially when you can’t unplug from the demands of your day.

Solution: Establish wind-down time. Do a quiet, relaxing activity before bed that doesn’t involve any device with a back-lit screen.

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