I Snore But Does That Mean I Have Sleep Apnea?

I Snore But Does That Mean I Have Sleep Apnea?

Snoring ManMillions of Americans suffer from snoring, whether acute or ongoing. However, with more cases of obstructive sleep apnea showing up each day, it is no wonder many are concerned their snoring could be something more. The important thing to know is that it is a misconception to think sleep apnea and snoring are interchangeable terms. Only around half of those who snore receive a diagnosis of sleep apnea, and even some of those may be misdiagnosed. There is much more to sleep apnea than just snoring.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is an illness where breathing is obstructed. This means that at night, while asleep, the sleep apnea sufferer has trouble getting enough air and will sometimes even stop breathing. They will need to wake up to begin breathing again. How is this different from just snoring? Regular snoring does not usually cause anyone to wake up or suffer from lack of oxygen, nor does it cause some of the same side effects such as chronic fatigue.

Other Reasons for Snoring

So, if sleep apnea is not the reason for your snoring woes, then what can cause snoring that is not from this illness?

  • Enlarged adenoids
  • A cleft pallet
  • Sinus congestion/cold
  • Smoking or drinking
  • Certain medications
  • Poor sleep posture
  • Age (breathing passage narrow with age)
  • Weight

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