Help Your Child Manage Their Asthma

Ways to Help Your Child Manage His or Her Asthma

Having asthma can be troubling, especially for a child who just wants to be carefree and play like other children. It can be hard for a worried parent to know what to do to balance keeping asthma under control and still allowing their child to be a kid. It is important to know just how to manage the illness properly for the best quality of life for both of you.

Knowing Triggers

Firstly, you may or may not already know that asthma attacks generally have triggers. These are environmental factors that can increase the risk of someone with asthma having an attack. Most triggers are allergens and can vary from child to child, so knowing your child’s triggers can be the difference between a happy, healthy child and an emergency. Allergy testing might even be a helpful tool if you do not know your child’s allergies.

Handling Asthma at School

It can be scary if your child has asthma and spends the day at school when you can’t be there to make sure they are safe. Asthma can flare up at any time in just a few seconds, so you and your child need to be prepared to manage the illness at school and not just at home. Make sure your child understands how serious taking care of asthma is, when medication should be taken, and how to use an inhaler. Also, use the resources available. The school nurse and classroom teacher likely have experience with other students with asthma and could be invaluable in emergency situations if they are made aware of your child’s ailment. Also, make sure your child knows what triggers they may encounter at school and how to avoid them.

Education is Key

For both you and your child, the best weapon against asthma is understanding the condition and knowing what to do when an attack happens.

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