Exercising With RLS

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) affects many Americans today. It is a neurological disorder characterized by uncomfortable leg sensations that can interfere with resting or falling asleep. Many of those affected by RLS wonder if there are exercises that might help their condition. While we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our doctors, below are some exercise ideas that might help.

Yoga and Pilates

The stretching involved in Yoga and Pilates might help with RLS symptoms. However, extreme types of yoga like Ashtanga, DDP, hot yoga, or any yoga pose that’s difficult or that stresses your body should not be pursued without one of our doctors consulting with you.


Cycling is another activity that can calm symptoms. The repetitive stretching motion might help reduce symptoms.


Swimming or doing water aerobics in a warm pool helps relax your muscles while building strength and improving mobility.

Bottom Line

RLS can be painful and should require the attention of one of our experienced doctors. Having said that, gentle to moderate exercise might help some people who are experiencing the painful symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome.

Any Questions About RLS?

To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced doctors at O2 Pulmonary and Sleep Group, or if you just have a question or concern about restless leg syndrome, please contact our Plano sleep clinic at 214-919-0757.